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Accreditation Procedure Flowchart


The accreditation process involves six phases:

P1: An interested conformity assessment body (CAB) gets informed by means of the internet portal on the accreditation procedure and if any accreditation-oriented doubts arise, an initial contact with ATS must be made with the aim of identifying the wanted accreditation type and submits an application for accreditation together with the requested documentation.

P2: After the complete documentation has been submitted to ATS, the submitted application is reviewed. The application review procedure is used to determine the ATS capacities to perform the assessment of a CAB in terms of the ATS policy, competence and availability of relevant assessors or experts. Furthermore, this review is used to determine the ATS capacities to perform an initial assessment of the applicant for accreditation on time.

P3: In this phase ATS carries out assessment programming, designates a team of assessors, and conducts preliminary visit activities if requested by a CAB.

P4: Assessment process is carried out by an appointed assessment team by means of a phased approach: documentary review, on-site assessment that also includes witnessing of the implementation of conformity assessment procedures and covers the following activities: documentary review, on-site assessment (planning, assessment and assessment report), elimination of the cause of nonconformities and verification thereof, and assessment team’s recommendation. After the assessment and verification of elimination of the causes of found nonconformities have been performed, the assessment team makes an accreditation-related recommendation.

P5: Decisions on accreditation are made by the ATS Director on the basis of the proposal of the Accreditation Committee. The Accreditation Committees reviews, following the proposal made by the assessment team, the file and provides a proposed decision on accreditation that is used as a basis for making a final decision on accreditation. ATS issues thereafter a Decision on Accreditation and an accreditation certificate together with the accompanying Scope of Accreditation.

P6: After the accreditation has been granted, ATS will monitor whether an accredited CAB meets the defined criteria by means of surveillance activities, i.e. surveilance assessments. A reassessment will be carried out for the purpose of renewing accreditation.